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My name is James Herbert. 

Right now, I am busy working on my computer at my Dads shop, Doug Herbert Performance Parts in Lincolnton North Carolina.

I race motocross and ride skateboards. I have a brother Jon and a little sister Jessie. My Dad is Doug Herbert, he races the Snap-on tools NHRA Top Fuel Dragster with a top speed of over 330 MPH and I really like going to the races with my Dad and I know most of the other racers like John Force and Kenny Bernstein. My Dad’s nickname is DougZilla, and he gave me the Nickname JamesZillla.

I put some of my favorite pictures up here on my webpage.

My brother Jon & I with my Dad holding us.

Also, pics of Dad and Joe helping prep my dirt bike and a photo of us in the winner circle!

My brother Jon behind the wheel of his Mustang GT

And My Dad and me with Mario Andretti! I didn’t know who Mario was at 1st until my Dad told me. My Dad said Mario is even a better racer than he is, so I know he is really good! 

My Grandpa Chet with my brother and me.

One picture is my Aunt Heather and Uncle Mike with my Dad at the races. My Aunt Heather and Uncle Mike are both in the US Army.

My brother Jon and I with my Dad holding us.
My Dad and me with Mario Andretti! I didn’t know who Mario was at 1st until my Dad told me. My Dad said Mario is even better than he is, so I know he is really good!
One picture is my Aunt Heather and Uncle Mike with my Dad at the races. My Aunt Heather and Uncle Mike are both in the US Army.

May 6, 2006 – On Tour – Posted by James
Well last week I went to Bristol with my Dad. He lost first round which really made me mad. There is huge 200-350 ft hill – it was fun sliding down on oil pans I had little tiny small rocks stuck in my hand but managed to get them out.

Now I’m in Atlanta my Dad – he qualified 6th. Hopefully we will win tomorrow and just a couple of hours ago I was interviewed by 1320TV and ESPN2! It was pretty fun, beside that nothing else going on.

I am not going to talk much about the race. It wasn’t a good race outing. We did start the weekend with a brand new untested race car that we just finished up. I think many of our problems could be attributed to new-car blues. We did get in the show but then lost to the red beer wagon first round … oh well. We stayed and tested on Monday, and I really think that Wayne and the guys have the car ready to fly this weekend in Atlanta.


April 21, 2006, Spring Break – Posted by James
My blog just got erased so I have to do this over. My spring break has been cool but yesterday I spilled gas on brother right beside our fire – he caught on fire! When I was pouring gas on the fire my hand caught on fire a little bit. I’m ok but Jon got burnt on his leg (not too bad) and the gas can caught on fire. Look down and there is a pic of it, but we got the fire out. Here is a pic of me and the gas can……..


April 18, 2006, They call me Jameszilla – Posted by James

Hi, I am James Herbert. I race motocross and I’ve won like five or more times in my class, I also skateboard and, of course, drag race. When I was about 5 or 6 my older brother Jon and I got a Jr. Dragster and I wanted to drive it so we told them that I was eight years old, not a bad lie just a little fib. There are a couple little dragstrips about 20 miles from where we live but for now, I have retired from racing the Jr. Dragster because now I motocross and I like it more than drag racing the Jr. Dragster because the racing lasts longer and there is less sitting around. I got started racing MX because my friend Jake Gilbertson races and his dad races Funny Cars with my dad.

It sometimes gets funny at the MX races like in October last year I came in second for the qualifiers in the 85cc class this kid said he was going to beat me by a couple laps I told my dad I was going to whoop him because his smart remark really made me mad! When the gate dropped, I got the holeshot by the first corner and I was 10 bikes away from the kid at the end of the race. When my dad and I were looking at the results the kid was up to us and had a bag of excuses it was so funny he had an alligator mouth and a hummingbird butt to back him up.

I’ve got a practice track at our house and its fun because my and my brother and sister will go out there and play around on the motorcycles, but my older brother Jon will do some real funny stuff. He’s got a 100 and rides my dads 450 and my little sister Jessie has a PW50.

I’m can hear my dad typing on his blog right now he’s got a lot to say, I guess.

I also like skateboarding and I have Element skateboards, mostly BAM boards. Its fun to skate on half pipes and at smooth concrete skate parks because you barely must push. My mom, Jessie, Jon, and my dad call me cellphone boy because I have several cell phones but the phone I mostly use is a Treo. I buy and sell stuff on eBay to try and make a few extra bucks on the side. Me and my friends love to do stupid stuff like with skateboards, our bikes and stuff.

I have a few funny stories of my own. One of my friends from school, Chris, said how he was so good in motocross and so I invited him over to our house to ride. When he came over to my practice track, he told me that he was going to show me how to ride but when he got on my 65 (he said how he was so good with a clutch) I couldn’t even get that going for him so then I put him on a KTM Racing 50 that has a auto shift trans and my little sister Jessie beat him on her Pee Wee 50! That was funny I was laughing so hard when Jessie beat him, I was rolling on the ground he said he wasn’t trying; yeah right.

I sometimes go over to my best friend Brandon Conners house. I get on his brothers 125 and he’s got a bunch of four wheelers. We will pop wheelies and stuff like that and swim – its very fun. And yeah, I have a girlfriend; she is a year older than me. The music I listen to is HIM and that’s it for music. My worst summer was last year when I broke my leg on the first day of summer messing around with my sister and I took about a month and a half to heal. That really sucked.

I am looking forward to having a great summer this year. I am planning to race motocross, go to the drag races with my dad and for sure I plan on not breaking any bones this year. I will try and think of some more stuff later.

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